Off To AjaxWorld

I am heading out to California this week to attend AjaxWorld West in San Jose.  In addition to having the opportunity to check out all sorts of interesting sessions, I will also be presenting with Roger Kitain from Sun MicroSystems.  Our presentation is JSF and Ajax: Past, Present and Future.  As you might imagine, we’ll be taking a look at how Ajax-based solutions have evolved in the JSF world and what we expect to come next in JSF 2.0.

Of course, any trip to the Bay Area wouldn’t be complete without my usual visit to Oracle HQ.  Once AjaxWorld wraps up I’ll be spending the remainder of the week at HQ, catching up with friends and teammates both old and new.

I am looking forward to a great week in California!

2 Responses to “Off To AjaxWorld”

  1. matthiaswessendorf Says:

    Say hello to my friends at HQ! And also Adam, John and Jonas.

  2. Neil Griffin Says:

    Hope you have a nice time out there Andy. You and Roger will be a great team!

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