Back From AjaxWorld

In spite of the fact that both Roger and I arrived at AjaxWorld carrying our east coast colds, we managed to make it through our “JSF and Ajax” presentation. Couple of snapshots from the presentation:

Andy and Jeremy Geelan

Roger and Andy

Two other EG members presented on JSF-related topics. Ted Goddard (ICEsoft) presented on ICEfaces’s support for Ajax Push on the iPhone. Ted’s presentation included a fun live demo where iPhone-enabled audience members were able to get into an ICEfaces-based chat room and push messages to each other. Jeremy Grelle (SpringSource) presented on Spring’s Ajax support, including coverage of Spring Faces and an interesting demo of “progressive enhancement”.

One other notable JSF-related presentation: Wesley Hales (JBoss/Red Hat) provided a great introduction to the state of affairs in the portal/portlet world. Wesley discussed how both ICEfaces and RichFaces approach portlet integration, and also covered how emerging standards will make life easier for Ajax/portlet development.

Other JSF old-timers (and old friends) John Fallows and Jonas Jacobi also presented, though not on JSF. John and Jonas focused on HTML 5, in particular on the WebSocket API and how Kaazing’s offerings make it possible to take advantage of HTML 5 features today.

With several EG members actually in the same place at the same time (an unusual occurrence), we took advantage of the opportunity to hold an informal face-to-face meeting. Roger, Ted, Jeremy, John, special guest attendee Blake Sullivan (Oracle) and I met to discuss declarative solutions for Ajax, an area that we are trying to shape up for the JSF 2.0 release.

6 Responses to “Back From AjaxWorld”

  1. matthiaswessendorf Says:

    I am glad you guys had Blake aboard! Can you blog about the declarative Ajax support ideas ? Or is that top top secret 😉

  2. matthiaswessendorf Says:

    btw. where is your beard ???

  3. andyschwartz Says:

    Hey Matthias – I need to get my thinking on declarative Ajax solutions a bit more solidified before blogging on this, but shouldn’t be too much longer. Regarding the beard – let’s just say that not everyone in my (two person) household liked the beard as much as I did! 🙂

  4. Blake Sullivan Says:

    Hey Andy, you need to post some pictures of yourself with the beard. If I saw you with a goatee, I would assume that you were the evil Andy. However, we all know that the Adam with the goatee is the good one.

  5. John Fallows Says:

    Hey Andy, it was great to see you and Blake again, and really fun to help out with the JSF declarative Ajax work. Hope to see you again soon.

  6. Shawn Bertrand Says:

    Hey Andy – glad to see you’re still so involved with JSF and its future development. I’m trying to push the JSF – Trinidad in particular – and hope to see Oracle RCF donated soon to MyFaces – it can’t come soon enough! Glad also that I didn’t see you with a beard… haha.

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