What Do JSF Guys Do In Munich?

The same thing as everyone else apparently: drink beer!

Cheers From Munich

Kito, Matthias, Andy

I had the honor of attending/presenting at W-JAX 2009 in Munich this week. The highlight of the conference for me was of course getting to spend time with friends/colleagues old and new.

Three things that I learned while in Munich:

  1. Hanging around Matthias is a great way to meet interesting people.
  2. When in Munich, try the grilled pork  knuckle at Haxnbauer.
  3. A good presentation can work even if you don’t speak the language.

On Friday I sat in on (fellow EG member) Martin Marinschek’s talk titled “Wie Sie Ihre JSF-Anwendeng garantiert nicht produktiv bekommen”, which covered 17 tips for how *not* to build your JSF application. Martin had a light hearted (but informative) tone that the audience clearly enjoyed.  I had a blast trying to guess what the tips were based on keywords/APIs in the slides. 🙂

On Thursday evening a group of us JSF folks ventured out of the hotel (yay!) and into Munich city center for dinner. We avoided the Hofbrauhaus (worried it would be a bit too touristy/loud) and instead ended up at the Schneider-Weisse beer house.

JSF In Munich

JSF Munich Crew: Kito, Matthias, Andy, Thomas (of JSF/Ajax Matrix fame), Martin

We ate roast pork shoulder, had a few drinks and discussed politics, religion, the fate of mankind and all other matters philosophical and metaphysical.  Not a word about JSF the entire evening!

Okay, actually, no… that is a total lie.  Either way, it was a wonderful evening and I am so happy that I had the chance to be there.

Thanks Matthias for helping to bring me to W-JAX, for being a great translator, host and friend, and also for buying me my first beer in over 20 years!

Tomorrow morning I am off to Antwerp to meet up with Pete Muir and Dan Allen.  We will be discussing JSF 2 future/community in our university session at Devoxx on Monday:

JSF 2 And Beyond: Keep the progress coming

If you are going to be at Devoxx and you are even remotely interested in JSF, you won’t want to miss this talk. Hope to see you there!

3 Responses to “What Do JSF Guys Do In Munich?”

  1. Lincoln Baxter III Says:

    Prima! 😉

  2. Ed Burns Says:


    I’m glad you got to take part in a rich tradition of JSF developers and users meeting up at beerhouses in Munich. The tradition dates back to 2005 when I gave a JSF 1.2 talk at W-JAX. It continued over Oktoberfest 2006!

  3. JSF 2 On The Road « Andy Schwartz’s Weblog Says:

    […] Andy Schwartz’s Weblog Just another WordPress.com weblog « What Do JSF Guys Do In Munich? […]

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